Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Year Anniversary.

Today, marked our 3rd year anniversary . Three years did not went through that easy, lots of trials and hadships to  go through but the most important thing is that inspite of all that, I am still happy having her and to have her is such a joy. Our relationship is far from normal..shall I say, not usual relationship as we live thousands of miles apart. Yes , we have long distance relationship. She used to live in Hong Kong and I am sure lots of people might think we are crazy, but should ask back...... do you know how happy I am?  Even with this distance, real love do exist. Trust, yes trust is the main thing, but if you can't trust, why  go in a relationship anyway?.... Three years of daily communication . Thanks God there is internet, it made it possible for us to  see each other daily on cam and talk for hours daily. We already have our routine and she is a big part of my day.The biggest gift for us this anniversary is such a blessing, just 2 days before our anniversary, her visa for Canada was granted and now she is currently adjusting and settling her documents. Me being in United States, now made it easy for me to  visit her more often, or her visiting me for that matter. God is so wonderful to us...


vicky said...

hi, thanks for following. i'm about to follow you too. oh, congratulations for your anniversary ;) keep in touch!

*josie* said...

hi JR, followed you back. In today's technology people can communicate with each in seconds even they are thousand miles apart,imagine the time when snail mail is the only communication between lovers and they still manage to survive.. Happy Anniversary!!

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