Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remembering The First Time I Met Her

Remembering the days before our 2nd yr. anniversary when I landed in Hong Kong airport…we've finally met.Things been planned way ahead…the hotel, the plane ticket the family and friends ….things went as scheduled… I remembered the first day I saw her, ’twas in the airport. I went through immigration w/o hassle and here I was gonna meet her at last! I knew she was a ‘lil nervous ,the sound of her voice over the phone when I was in Vancouver was totally not like her norm. She just don’t talk like usual, like she is gathering her thoughts and keepin herself busy talking but dont know what she was saying at she ended up repeating herself a lot hehehehe. Ohhh I love her voice, she is cute and sweet….but then just minutes away..I would finally meet that sweet voice up close, that face I’ve seen through cam ..that person I been longing to touch and hug…My heart was pounding harder as I reached closer and closer to the exit door..foot by foot………Here I finally reached the arrival area where passengers get to meet their families or escorts …But whaaaaaa! where is she? OMG! she is late ..or worse yet, she is not gonna show up…whaaaaa! Should I get nervous? hmmmm I stood there for few minutes then askedn one of the airport personel if there is another place for arrival. (just in case maybe she was just lost )..he said yeah! but if she knows what plane I am in, she should be in the right terminal….hmmm again…I really hate waiting, we had conversations about this while I was in Vancouver….I can’t stand waiting whaaaaa!!….Should I get upset now? hehehehe….Then I turned around….WHAAAAAA !!! I was not upset at all, there she was standing behind me watching me all those time with her video cam rolling.that dirty smile she had on her face…hehehehe I could not wait another second…I WANTED TO HUG HER…I could almost cry from happiness. First thing I did was hug her then took a minute to look at her eyes …… I just can’t help but fall in love with her some more. She was still laughing and enjoying the trick she pulled on me…Hmmmm …I said, I haven’t had my kiss yet hehehehe..then that first first kiss right in the middle of arrival section ,in crowded Hong Kong airport ( seems like the clock stops ticking in our own private world) was very memorable. it was so true!!!.Haysssss it feel so good to finally have her near me. I feel so at home with her right away…the whole time we walked holding hands, sharing jokes, touching her face hehehe… Instant ‘CLICK’ personality… We never felt a bit shy at all… hays sarap.