Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Hong Kong Adventure

Chikay's Friends in HK
nothing to do while riding the bus
Dining at Victoria Peak

It was last July 2009 when I visited Hong Kong. Chikay did a wonderful job taking me places that interests me. I opt out on going to Disney since I've been to DisneyWorld in Orlando. Meeting her friends was one of the reasons I stopped by in Hong Kong. Like I've known them for awhile because I got to talk to them on phone several times even when they hang out together. It was our plan to have lunch in Outback Steakhouse. I really like the food there. Almost all the places we went to eat tasted great. What about night time in Hong Kong? The Hong Kong city lights show is one of the coolest thing to see in Hong Kong. For travelers who don't wanna miss this , is shown nightly at 8:00 PM. Chikay and I just had Subway's turkey breast sandwich and took a foot long take out hehehe. When her and I are together, we really get along with food.