Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Trip to Niagara Falls,On

Niagara Falls is about an hour and half drive away from Toronto depending on traffic. Earlier this month Me and Chikay went for visit again. I say again because her and I both been to Niagara but we never been there together yet. We planned on leaving early on Sept. 4 , we actually did well and managed to get out of our hotel room 10:30 am. We were gonna stop for breakfast on our way to Niagara but instead I grabbed our left over pizza(believe me I eat cold pizza), chips and drinks and there I was eating while driving. She give me a bite every now and then and that was enough to fill me (til our next stop hehehe).

I better not miss "Factory Outlet" sign. Chikay is so eager to shop in factory outlet as there is none in Toronto. There are 40 brand name stores but we only managed to go about half of that. I got her a Guess earings. Ohhh yeah she loves those but hmmmmm later on found out it was too heavy for her tiny ears lol. We wanted to check COACH store but there were hundreds of people lined up to enter and I don't think we have time to do that. We both hate long wait! But keeps us wondering whats inside the store that looks like everyone is going out with sacks and bags of goodies like COACH is giving their products away. Then we tried some chocolates from Rocky Mountain and got a sort of membership card. Of course Chikay is a chocolate addict so I thought she could benefit if she have that card. Later on after hours shopping, my stomach start to growl! We thought about eating in the mall , but nah..... we came this far and to only eat in mall is not an adventure. So I grabbed this flyer and checked out the restaurants in the area and talked her into dining at the skylon tower. I told her it would be an experience and most beautiful view of the falls while we dine. So I made a reservation. They were willing to give us a seat right away but we are still about 20 min. drive away so we got the early dinner seatting.

From Factory Outlet we drove about a mile to try go karting. I got  a ticket for 9 laps. Chikay had a good time and I love to see her laugh and smile. It was fun driving like kids out in the track ;P  and we had so much of a goodtime that time flies. By then we only have 30 mins. to go to Skylon Tower, look for parking space and walk to the front counter.

Whew! we barely made it on time. We were there just minute before our reservation. I thought we were not gonna make it. But we really  huffin n puffin to  make it in front of the counter lol then a lady calling for our reservation time to  take us up. Yes! I am really excited about this. On our way up, we have to  stop for a pose. I am not much for picture taking so I just did what the photographer asked then  we go to the elevator.
                                Thank to for the picture
Dining at the Skylon's World-Famous Revolving Restaurant was an experience with the best view of Niagara Falls. It was not expensive either and food was great tasting . I tried their coffee and I ended up drinking about 6-7 cups.Skylon actually revolve and will get full rotation in about an hour. View the virtual tour of Skylon tower click here.

We went to the observation deck right after I paid our tab and talk a walk around. Like we haven't had enough view of the sorrounding eh? Of course we went down take a walk in Niagara City Centre 'til it's getting dark. We were not able to wait for the firework show. It's ok, the whole trip was fun and we both really had a great time.