Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facts about Antibiotics

Parents usually get panic or get helpless when their child get symptoms like colds ,coughs, ear infection and sore throat. Often times they think and expect antibiotic would solve the problem but antibiotics are not always the answer to cure these symptoms. I post this specially to parents that live in the Philippines where antibiotics are dispensed over-the-counter not even needing prescription. As a child that was raised back in the Philippines I have been a victim of miss treatment of a simple ear infection.  Parents be advised that
  • Antibiotics are not used for bacterial infections. 
  • When your child  had cough or cold she probably has viral infection.
  • Common viral infection such as coughs, sore throat or colds cannot be cured by taking antibiotics.
  • Use of antibiotics when not needed can harm  your child.
  • Ask Physician if you think that your child might need antibiotic. (DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE)
  • Hand washing is still the single best way to prevent the spread of illness.