Thursday, October 7, 2010

Importance of GPS Device

I am fond of  practical gadgets and gizmos. Like GPS device , I first used it as an application to a blackberry 5 years ago when I first visited Toronto. I was very impressed how useful it was although it was just an add on to a blackberry , I have to pay for using the apps and the screen was not quite as big as I wanted it. So later on I bought myself a TOMTOM XL, I got the bigger screen and way lot more POI (points of interest) hightlighted. Of course am comparing a 4 years difference in technology. I choose TomTom XL over Garmin for the fact that TomTom actually have Canada map pre-installed and don't have to pay extra for the map. I was not sure if Garmin really allow Canada map to be downloaded for free. My only mistake using GPS is I rely too much on GPS device.It actually redirect my routes when I missed my turn and guided me to find open space parking. I still recommend glancing at the map or at least preview your route before you start driving unless you know a little bit about your current location. I feel so dumb and feels like driving blind-folded not knowing where I actually was although I am very pleased and satisfied with TomTom GPS device and saved my day several times.