Monday, November 8, 2010

Blue Mountain Ski Resort, Ontario, Canada Live Cam

I can't help it but feel excited for my upcoming visit in Toronto once again but this time will be a Winter Getaway and falls at Christmas. Part of my itinerary is to go skiing in Blue Mountain Ski Resort near Collingwood in Ontario, Canada. Because of that, I now started to track the snow (when it fall soon) in Blue Mountain Ski Resort. I checked the homepage of the resort and found Live Cam links ( VIEW THE BLUE MOUNTAIN VILLAGE WEBCAM , VIEW THE BLUE MOUNTAIN SOUTH BASE LODGE WEBCAM ) of the area so now I can also see the snow condition if there is any. So far it is still bare. I hope there will be plenty of snow next month so Chikay will enjoy her first try in the slopes. I will be showing her few tips on how to ski hehehe.