Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat and Party!

It is getting cold and one big event for fall is Halloween. I love the candies and the custumes. Tinay's birthday will be a halloween party too. It is cold where I live during Halloween so it is best to wear something heavy to keep warm during trick or treating. I think am am going to wear a mask so I can just easily put them on and off when I am done for the party. My friend said she will be wearing a medical lab coat and look like a doctor by putting a stethoscope around her neck and she can easily buy this online at My neighbor will be wearing something that look like Hollywood character, and some will be superhero outfit like spiderman. I wonder who is gonna wear a spongebob one? Some of Tinay's friends said they will wear wolves and vampire and be like the "Twilight" movie characters. It is going to be fun for that party!

Before we really was heavy on decorating the house to make it look like messy, unattended or abandoned house. This time we got kinda busy and decided we will just have a party but will be heavy on costumes and attire. About thirty people will be attending and it will be a contest of who's got the best costume. There will be few categories so few people will win a prize. Believe me, it is going to be fun.

I already have few things made for decorations, Tinay cut up some black cardboards and form into cats or scared cats should I say. We made some spiders and cobwebs all over. Renee will be carving some pumpkins for us and there will be pumkim carving contest during the party. Lots of giveaways and surprises prepared to make this party real fun. Boy! am I really excited! I hope everyone will be there and some of Tinay's classmates will be there too. I am sure everyone will have a blast with all the activities planned to keep the party very exciting.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iphone Apps Got Me Hooked

I am not fund of games on phone nor pc but I do a lot of games through Wii or Playstation even back when it is only two dimensional screen. I always wonder why some other people sacrifice their eyes or make it hard for them to play on small screen when you can play in widescreen. This was me back then. Then PSP become popular and even mobile phones getting fancier adding few games and capability to play simple JAVA games. If I remember my first phone that was able to connect to WiFi was HTC Wing from Tmobile. Now I went through Razor and several other cellphones. Last year I finally decided to try Iphone and since then, it had changed the way I use my cellphone. Games? yes! Since there were lots of free game applications that can be downloaded, I finally got hooked since started my long and several lay over flight to Toronto.

Long travel is boring so that was when I started playing games on my phone. I happen to be on a plane ride with "inflight" internet connection for free, that was Christmas give away. Poker game was one of my favorite pass time. Nevertheless, I don't really gamble but I know few people does. I only play online poker to make time fly faster and when I am bored. Visit now and see how other people enjoy the game and also learn the game itself. I may not have the poker face so this is the advantage of playing online. For me, playing poker with virtual tokens and no monetary involve is enough. I don't really feel comfortable betting real money.

Playing games is actually a waste of time but if you really have nothing to do and if you just going to wait for something, you might as well enjoy wasting. That's my point of view. One of the reasons I think that keep me going and checking the updates of my game applications in my cellphone is the need to finish and accumulate more "achievements" that you can brag to your facebook friends list. Like I like to show off how I completed and beat the "Plant Vs Zombies game three times and collected all the achievements there was. Anyways it just mean that games could get real addictive.
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Convenience Of Online Shopping

For years I in the health field I have always wore scrubs for work. It is comfortable to wear and in most cases, it is the dress code at work. We do get some Fridays aswe are allowed casual clothing or sometimes jeans day. I still prefer wearing my scrubs though as I don't have to think of what to wear. My mom being a dress maker, made most of my scrubs and sometimes I make my nursing uniform myself. I like different colors and different designs to fit my mood or seasons. So, I have a lot of scrubs in m closet. One time I was wearing a Washington Cougar Team scrubs and I got a lot of compliments about it specially the Cougar fans. Most kids like my teddy bear scrubs or my Spongebob theme scrubs. It is fun to wear different themes also for seasons like I have some winter scrubs that have snow designs on them or one time had a Santa on it for Christmas season. I really enjoy following the Holidays for my themes so you got an idea how creative I get with my scrubs.

As time went , my mom got busy with work and I sometimes have no time to make my own scrubs. It never was an issue before but now I very seldom sees mom. Thank God online shopping is now possible, where I can search online to find a site to buy a quality yet inexpensive scrubs. For times when I or mom don't have the extra chance to make the scrubs , it is really such a relief that offer the scrubs and variety of colors to choose from. I have ordered my scrub pants here and I have been pleased by the service. I would never doubt trying to make more orders when I need some more. Some of my friends started using this site now too because they know it is trusted site and I was a happy customer.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Travelodge Great Place to Stay in Spokane

During our one night stay in Spokane on our way to Los Angeles we decided to stay at Travelodge near the Convention Center. The location is perfect for what I have planned for that day. The Hotel serves warm breakfast and friendly staff. Price is the best in town for the location and room you get. The speed of their WIFI connection is impressive without hassle logging in and the rooms are huge...I mean HUGE for standard accommodation. Best of all the hotel is very clean and comfortable beds. I have to say that driving finding the hotel was not hard but very tricky how to enter at that time we went, there was a road construction so it gives us detour right in front of the hotel. I would definitely recommend this more specially the location which is just across the Convention Center and Riverside Park. There are lots of fun family activities that can be done during visit so check this place out first before booking other places. Read More......

Our Visit to Spokane

Last April Chikay visited Washington state. She finally met my parents. It was a long journey and planning in order for all these to come true. Chikay being a contract worker from Hong Kong moved to Canada for our dream to be together someday. This was so she could be closer to me. Although her work demands for her to be in Toronto but it is better than when she was in Hong Kong. We both like to travel, and I believe I play a great role of influence of her growing interest on travels too. So last April she came, crossed the border by land without hassle. We spent few days in my place and went on with our plan to go to California. Yes we have a California travel adventure planned that month. We have to catch a flight and before that, I wanted her to see Eastern part of Washington State.
I took her to Ground Coulee Dam and drove all the way to Spokane City. We booked in Travelodge just near the Convention Center.(Which I am going to make a separate review right after this post). I checked in early without problem and then decided to walk around Riverside Park which is almost across the street. The part is fun specially with kids but for us two adults, there are only few things we could do but stroll around and ride the cable car that took us across the Spokane Falls. That was short yet fun.

We also took pictures of this landmark in Spokane and getting goofy taking photos near the "The Joy Of Running Together" statue near the park I think commemorates the Bloomsday Festival in Spokane and the "Childhood Express" which was the giant red wagon was just few of the cool things to take photos.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Week Long Seminar

I am back to work this week and catching up with what I left at work last week. I am doubling my time to make up for last week's 4 day long seminar which I have to miss work. Last week was easy and slow pace. I met thirteen new acquintances and four people that I already met before from one of my patient visits. We all come from different places and only two of us coming from the city where the seminar was held. I felt like a local although I actually just lived here my last fifteen years but the nature of my job made me meet people from different cities in this county. This is what make my job fun.

Four days and it was an exciting training/seminar. The hotel where it was held made us feel comfortable and welcome. I specially enjoy the Seattle's Best Coffee that is freshly brewed and kept refilled when needed. Our speaker was great! I so enjoyed her life experiences as examples to our subjects. We got enough time for breaks so we had chance to chit chat and get to know each other more. One of the ladies, Terry, who likes to share a lot of her stories too. It was sure nice to hear other people who have worked the same field and their experiences. Some are fun, some are sad and sort of scary, but over all , it was interesting. One of the guy's, we call him Big Ace because the speaker have a hard time saying his name. Big Ace like to talk about his big boys toys. He got us excited about his recent purchase of two four-wheelers. He was so thrilled how he spend only three hundred dollars for 2 four-wheelers although he has to get some atv supplies for parts and upgrade few accesories. He showed us some pictures and he sure made a great bargain and how he fixed it up well. I wish I have one. Anyways, that's how we spend our break time.

Over all , the seminar was a success. We all passed the final day and did all the neccesarry skills listed to get certified. We have one Brazillian peer who still have a hard time with speaking English, we specially give her a big hand for trying her best. She almost cried into tears for being appreciated. We all give each other hugs as we have to part our ways back to our individual work and agencies. Thanks to the comfortable venue at the hotel and the unlimited supply of coffee, tea and hot cocoa and to our speaker for such a great seminar and for giving us helpful info and technique to do our job better.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Week Fun With Friends

My best friend Loida visited us over the weekend. We haven't seen each other for months. We both got busy and have our family to attend to. She have her own business to ran and 3 kids to take care of. I know she wanted to take a break and escape the big city for the weekend. We love to do activities together and our family just get along so much that she is like a sister to me. So we went swimming in the nearby lake during the day and played cards during night.

We usually stay up late playing cards , visiting and drink some of our favorite wine. David her husband has a fine taste for wine and I would say is an expert so I always listen to his recommendations. He is always in charge for taking care of the rubber wine stoppers. We don't really drink much , just enough to keep us going through til midnight. I won last night's game so I did not have to do the dishes the following day. It is our deal that whoever win, don't need to do dishes so I have Loida did the dishes left over from last night's drinks. She noticed the french kitchen faucets that we just recently installed. I never thought it made a big difference but I guess it was that noticeable for her. I know her, she always have an eye for fancy stuffs and quality items. I know she likes noble excellence products while I am more of a contemporary type we still get along well.

I really wished we did not miss the Fair but we hardly have enough time to do everything in few days although we managed to go to the local farmers market. She got some fresh corns and I bought this lemon grass plant that I have hard time finding. We did great during the last couple of days and the kids had so much fun. I am looking forward spending time with them again.
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Online Booking Choice

Looking back how I used to book for my plane ticket back then when I used to wait for the Sunday Newspaper to get the best travel deals or have to call a travel agent in order to line up my travel plans. Now, it has revolutionized how consumer has to book plane tickets and the whole travel plans online itself. There are big online travel booking sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and now some new sites start popping out earning my trust like my plan to visit to Las Vegas I am going to use this new site because a friend recommended it and it gave me best deals on travel packages. As for me, I have tried several online booking sites for flights, car rental , hotel and some tour packages. It is by far the best way to book and give you instant confirmation. Like my recent trip to Seattle where I have to get a plane ticket right away for an emergency purpose, I could have not done it without doing it online. I don't even know how I've done it before without online booking. We all know everything is going online or digital.

Besides, one good thing about online booking is you can also do some research of hotels and check for reviews before booking.Nobody wants to be stuck or left out not knowing what to do so most online booking still have number for more info or sometimes when you get stuck and needed some answers or even simply wanted confirmation that your booking was set. Believe me, I have tried calling them few times when I have to make changes and I've been pleased with customer service so far. I would never want to go back to the old way of booking my travel plans. Why would I if I have the control and convenience online.
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Shared Recipe by Romina Vicente Muaje:


Monday, August 22, 2011

Easy Pasta with Tuna

Today is my day off from work. It's time for myself to do nothing but rest and pamper myself the whole day and do some laundry. I'm thinking of cooking Easy Pasta with Tuna for myself. It's been a long time since I touch my pots and pans. It could be done in 20 minutes, that easy and yummy for tummy.


250 grams of spaghetti pasta(cooked as package direction)
2 cans 85g of tuna in oil
salt and pepper
2 gloves of garlic(minced)
2 tsp. olive oil

Saute the garlic in olive oil,until brown. Put the 2 cans of tuna including its oil,until the tuna separately done.Then,put the cooked pasta and mix it all together.Add salt and pepper to taste.

That's easy, I always put some chili flakes on top of my pasta,'cause I like it little bits of spicy. You can substitute tuna with salmon too.

Enjoy Chow !

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scrubs Online

My girlfriend worked in medical field for years since she graduated with a degree in nursing.She really enjoy working as a nurse,she's too busy to buy some new scrub for her work. She's still using the worn out uniform scrubs that I bought for her since she started working as a nurse.It gives m an idea what to give on her birthday this coming week.A pair of scrub will definitely make her birthday so memorable.But the problem,I have no enough time to go for shopping because of my work schedule.So I try my luck to go for an online shop that selling comfortable,good quality scrubs.I found this cool sites .

There are different colors, style for cheap nursing scrubs that will fits individual. I bought her a pair of Olive Green Scrubs,which I know her favorite color and it will suit her style. I also check their clearance scrubs and cool accessories. I'm so thankful that I found the best gift for her. I will surely recommend this site to my friend. Read More......

Don't Want to Retire

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

Retirement is for the birds, if you ask me. I love being able to go to work every day and put in my time – I really feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day. It’s been really nice being so appreciated for so long at the same company since I know my friends don’t have the same luxury but even my kids are pushing me to quit the old job and be done once and for all. My son even gave me a subscription to WWW.Direc.TV satellite as an “early retirement” gift! I know they want the best for me but I love being able to keep my mind nimble and interact with other adults on a daily basis. I think I would go stir crazy in this house all day long and I don’t have a ton of hobbies outside the job to lean on, anyway. I’m perfectly happy where I am and I don’t really like to shake things up so I think I’ll stay here at least a few more years. Read More......

Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Time Crossing the U.S Border

Last April I went to visit my girlfriend in Eastern part of Washington States.To avoid the hassle of international checking and customs entering U.S..We decided to cross the border by land.It's a 4 1/2 hours flight from Toronto to Kelowna B.C.It's my first time to ride WestJet Airline, used their Check-in Express kiosk,on-time flights,and great services.I will definitely choose this airline again for my next trip.
We decided to stay a night in Kelowna,and stayed at Howard Johnson Inn which is located in the Industrial side of Kelowna and it close to city center and near airport. The hotel is under going renovation so you can see lots of construction materials and lack of lighting in the parking lot. We arrived at night, so we had a hard time looking for a place because of not well lit signage. After checking in adn saw the room,we we're actually surprised because the rooms are very clean, looks brand-new and modern amenities. Not to mention the high-speed wireless internet was really easy to access and the front desk are very friendly. We slept comfortably overnight and pack up to cross the U.S Border which is about almost 3 hours drive thru Osoyoos. That almost 3 hours trip went real-quick. We enjoy the scenery and lots of orchard farms. When we reach the U.S Canada Border,it wasn't busy. I show my passport to the customs personnel without going out of the car, no much questions ask and no hassle.I surely going to do this way every time I have to cross U.S border . (CHIKAY)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Stay at Radisson Suites Hotel Toronto Airport

Last December I went to visit my girlfriend and we decided to stay in Radisson Suites Hotel Toronto Airport. After several delays and cancelled flights, I was glad to stay in this hotel. The rooms were great, clean, spacious, free wifi, very friendly and helpful front desk. It is located very close to the airport and Tim Horton is just in front of it. I really liked my stay at this hotel and recommended this place. I would like to stay here again although I kinda like to try different hotels ...but this place is definitely on my favorite list for Toronto/Missisauga area. Read More......