Saturday, August 20, 2011

Don't Want to Retire

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

Retirement is for the birds, if you ask me. I love being able to go to work every day and put in my time – I really feel like I’ve accomplished something with my day. It’s been really nice being so appreciated for so long at the same company since I know my friends don’t have the same luxury but even my kids are pushing me to quit the old job and be done once and for all. My son even gave me a subscription to WWW.Direc.TV satellite as an “early retirement” gift! I know they want the best for me but I love being able to keep my mind nimble and interact with other adults on a daily basis. I think I would go stir crazy in this house all day long and I don’t have a ton of hobbies outside the job to lean on, anyway. I’m perfectly happy where I am and I don’t really like to shake things up so I think I’ll stay here at least a few more years.