Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Time Crossing the U.S Border

Last April I went to visit my girlfriend in Eastern part of Washington States.To avoid the hassle of international checking and customs entering U.S..We decided to cross the border by land.It's a 4 1/2 hours flight from Toronto to Kelowna B.C.It's my first time to ride WestJet Airline, used their Check-in Express kiosk,on-time flights,and great services.I will definitely choose this airline again for my next trip.
We decided to stay a night in Kelowna,and stayed at Howard Johnson Inn which is located in the Industrial side of Kelowna and it close to city center and near airport. The hotel is under going renovation so you can see lots of construction materials and lack of lighting in the parking lot. We arrived at night, so we had a hard time looking for a place because of not well lit signage. After checking in adn saw the room,we we're actually surprised because the rooms are very clean, looks brand-new and modern amenities. Not to mention the high-speed wireless internet was really easy to access and the front desk are very friendly. We slept comfortably overnight and pack up to cross the U.S Border which is about almost 3 hours drive thru Osoyoos. That almost 3 hours trip went real-quick. We enjoy the scenery and lots of orchard farms. When we reach the U.S Canada Border,it wasn't busy. I show my passport to the customs personnel without going out of the car, no much questions ask and no hassle.I surely going to do this way every time I have to cross U.S border . (CHIKAY)