Monday, September 19, 2011

Convenience Of Online Shopping

For years I in the health field I have always wore scrubs for work. It is comfortable to wear and in most cases, it is the dress code at work. We do get some Fridays aswe are allowed casual clothing or sometimes jeans day. I still prefer wearing my scrubs though as I don't have to think of what to wear. My mom being a dress maker, made most of my scrubs and sometimes I make my nursing uniform myself. I like different colors and different designs to fit my mood or seasons. So, I have a lot of scrubs in m closet. One time I was wearing a Washington Cougar Team scrubs and I got a lot of compliments about it specially the Cougar fans. Most kids like my teddy bear scrubs or my Spongebob theme scrubs. It is fun to wear different themes also for seasons like I have some winter scrubs that have snow designs on them or one time had a Santa on it for Christmas season. I really enjoy following the Holidays for my themes so you got an idea how creative I get with my scrubs.

As time went , my mom got busy with work and I sometimes have no time to make my own scrubs. It never was an issue before but now I very seldom sees mom. Thank God online shopping is now possible, where I can search online to find a site to buy a quality yet inexpensive scrubs. For times when I or mom don't have the extra chance to make the scrubs , it is really such a relief that offer the scrubs and variety of colors to choose from. I have ordered my scrub pants here and I have been pleased by the service. I would never doubt trying to make more orders when I need some more. Some of my friends started using this site now too because they know it is trusted site and I was a happy customer.