Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Visit to Spokane

Last April Chikay visited Washington state. She finally met my parents. It was a long journey and planning in order for all these to come true. Chikay being a contract worker from Hong Kong moved to Canada for our dream to be together someday. This was so she could be closer to me. Although her work demands for her to be in Toronto but it is better than when she was in Hong Kong. We both like to travel, and I believe I play a great role of influence of her growing interest on travels too. So last April she came, crossed the border by land without hassle. We spent few days in my place and went on with our plan to go to California. Yes we have a California travel adventure planned that month. We have to catch a flight and before that, I wanted her to see Eastern part of Washington State.
I took her to Ground Coulee Dam and drove all the way to Spokane City. We booked in Travelodge just near the Convention Center.(Which I am going to make a separate review right after this post). I checked in early without problem and then decided to walk around Riverside Park which is almost across the street. The part is fun specially with kids but for us two adults, there are only few things we could do but stroll around and ride the cable car that took us across the Spokane Falls. That was short yet fun.

We also took pictures of this landmark in Spokane and getting goofy taking photos near the "The Joy Of Running Together" statue near the park I think commemorates the Bloomsday Festival in Spokane and the "Childhood Express" which was the giant red wagon was just few of the cool things to take photos.