Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Week Fun With Friends

My best friend Loida visited us over the weekend. We haven't seen each other for months. We both got busy and have our family to attend to. She have her own business to ran and 3 kids to take care of. I know she wanted to take a break and escape the big city for the weekend. We love to do activities together and our family just get along so much that she is like a sister to me. So we went swimming in the nearby lake during the day and played cards during night.

We usually stay up late playing cards , visiting and drink some of our favorite wine. David her husband has a fine taste for wine and I would say is an expert so I always listen to his recommendations. He is always in charge for taking care of the rubber wine stoppers. We don't really drink much , just enough to keep us going through til midnight. I won last night's game so I did not have to do the dishes the following day. It is our deal that whoever win, don't need to do dishes so I have Loida did the dishes left over from last night's drinks. She noticed the french kitchen faucets that we just recently installed. I never thought it made a big difference but I guess it was that noticeable for her. I know her, she always have an eye for fancy stuffs and quality items. I know she likes noble excellence products while I am more of a contemporary type we still get along well.

I really wished we did not miss the Fair but we hardly have enough time to do everything in few days although we managed to go to the local farmers market. She got some fresh corns and I bought this lemon grass plant that I have hard time finding. We did great during the last couple of days and the kids had so much fun. I am looking forward spending time with them again.