Friday, September 16, 2011

Week Long Seminar

I am back to work this week and catching up with what I left at work last week. I am doubling my time to make up for last week's 4 day long seminar which I have to miss work. Last week was easy and slow pace. I met thirteen new acquintances and four people that I already met before from one of my patient visits. We all come from different places and only two of us coming from the city where the seminar was held. I felt like a local although I actually just lived here my last fifteen years but the nature of my job made me meet people from different cities in this county. This is what make my job fun.

Four days and it was an exciting training/seminar. The hotel where it was held made us feel comfortable and welcome. I specially enjoy the Seattle's Best Coffee that is freshly brewed and kept refilled when needed. Our speaker was great! I so enjoyed her life experiences as examples to our subjects. We got enough time for breaks so we had chance to chit chat and get to know each other more. One of the ladies, Terry, who likes to share a lot of her stories too. It was sure nice to hear other people who have worked the same field and their experiences. Some are fun, some are sad and sort of scary, but over all , it was interesting. One of the guy's, we call him Big Ace because the speaker have a hard time saying his name. Big Ace like to talk about his big boys toys. He got us excited about his recent purchase of two four-wheelers. He was so thrilled how he spend only three hundred dollars for 2 four-wheelers although he has to get some atv supplies for parts and upgrade few accesories. He showed us some pictures and he sure made a great bargain and how he fixed it up well. I wish I have one. Anyways, that's how we spend our break time.

Over all , the seminar was a success. We all passed the final day and did all the neccesarry skills listed to get certified. We have one Brazillian peer who still have a hard time with speaking English, we specially give her a big hand for trying her best. She almost cried into tears for being appreciated. We all give each other hugs as we have to part our ways back to our individual work and agencies. Thanks to the comfortable venue at the hotel and the unlimited supply of coffee, tea and hot cocoa and to our speaker for such a great seminar and for giving us helpful info and technique to do our job better.