Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Iphone Apps Got Me Hooked

I am not fund of games on phone nor pc but I do a lot of games through Wii or Playstation even back when it is only two dimensional screen. I always wonder why some other people sacrifice their eyes or make it hard for them to play on small screen when you can play in widescreen. This was me back then. Then PSP become popular and even mobile phones getting fancier adding few games and capability to play simple JAVA games. If I remember my first phone that was able to connect to WiFi was HTC Wing from Tmobile. Now I went through Razor and several other cellphones. Last year I finally decided to try Iphone and since then, it had changed the way I use my cellphone. Games? yes! Since there were lots of free game applications that can be downloaded, I finally got hooked since started my long and several lay over flight to Toronto.

Long travel is boring so that was when I started playing games on my phone. I happen to be on a plane ride with "inflight" internet connection for free, that was Christmas give away. Poker game was one of my favorite pass time. Nevertheless, I don't really gamble but I know few people does. I only play online poker to make time fly faster and when I am bored. Visit now and see how other people enjoy the game and also learn the game itself. I may not have the poker face so this is the advantage of playing online. For me, playing poker with virtual tokens and no monetary involve is enough. I don't really feel comfortable betting real money.

Playing games is actually a waste of time but if you really have nothing to do and if you just going to wait for something, you might as well enjoy wasting. That's my point of view. One of the reasons I think that keep me going and checking the updates of my game applications in my cellphone is the need to finish and accumulate more "achievements" that you can brag to your facebook friends list. Like I like to show off how I completed and beat the "Plant Vs Zombies game three times and collected all the achievements there was. Anyways it just mean that games could get real addictive.