Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat and Party!

It is getting cold and one big event for fall is Halloween. I love the candies and the custumes. Tinay's birthday will be a halloween party too. It is cold where I live during Halloween so it is best to wear something heavy to keep warm during trick or treating. I think am am going to wear a mask so I can just easily put them on and off when I am done for the party. My friend said she will be wearing a medical lab coat and look like a doctor by putting a stethoscope around her neck and she can easily buy this online at My neighbor will be wearing something that look like Hollywood character, and some will be superhero outfit like spiderman. I wonder who is gonna wear a spongebob one? Some of Tinay's friends said they will wear wolves and vampire and be like the "Twilight" movie characters. It is going to be fun for that party!

Before we really was heavy on decorating the house to make it look like messy, unattended or abandoned house. This time we got kinda busy and decided we will just have a party but will be heavy on costumes and attire. About thirty people will be attending and it will be a contest of who's got the best costume. There will be few categories so few people will win a prize. Believe me, it is going to be fun.

I already have few things made for decorations, Tinay cut up some black cardboards and form into cats or scared cats should I say. We made some spiders and cobwebs all over. Renee will be carving some pumpkins for us and there will be pumkim carving contest during the party. Lots of giveaways and surprises prepared to make this party real fun. Boy! am I really excited! I hope everyone will be there and some of Tinay's classmates will be there too. I am sure everyone will have a blast with all the activities planned to keep the party very exciting.