Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making a green roof birdhouse

Guest post written by Sally Thurman

I'm really trying to make all kinds of little small steps around our home to be greener. I recycle and do all types of the general little things, but I really would like to get creative and take it a step further. So I decided to take on some kind of outdoor green project that would be a perfect way to kick off the start of spring.

I thought that making a birdhouse might be a great way to kick off the season. So I looked online to see if there was a green one and when I was looking I found some tips on credit card management, which are something I could really use. We've had some financial issues with credit cards and could really use some help with them so I was really excited to see that.

I found the plans for a green roof living birdhouse that I knew I wanted to create myself. So I bookmarked them and spent an afternoon working on making one. It's such a cool idea that I couldn't stand the thought of passing it up! Read More......

My Long Term Plan Finally Getting Started to Be a Reality

Since I bought my five bedroom place three years ago, I have this vision of starting my own adult care home. Not mainly to make money or have job but it is a commitment to something I enjoy doing. Financial difficulty and starting from zero was not easy. I have been trying to do my own renovation, home repairs to save cost. Caring for our older citizen is a very rewarding duty I do every day when I go to work. I have met several interesting people doing my job, visiting patients doing therapy and assisting them to get back on their own. There may be few of my patients that don't quite make it safe to stay home alone and I can see and hear their fear of having to go to a nursing home. Personally, not all nursing homes are bad, it's just that our local nursing home had negative feedbacks. I can understand how it would be, hearing through them the changes they have to make and the feeling of having to leave their home is scary. I may not replace their comfort living in their own home but I can definitely do a service like "of being home" and still manage to do more one on one care with my residents. I will be opening my home soon and I cannot wait to get started. Read More......

Fixing My Own Cellphone

I have done few repairs and DIY projects but trying to pry an IPHONE is new to me. I have tried to repair my old Motorola Razor and my used to be popular Tmobile Wing. I have tweaked and modified my phones but never tried Iphone. My first Iphone project was to jailbreak it then change the touchscreen on my Iphone 4. I thought after doing my Iphone 4 that it should be easier to mess with Iphone 3Gs but I was totally wrong. It has totally different type of screw to open the phone to start with and the touch screen is the first thing that came out. It was totally opposite compared to Iphone 4 where the touchscreen came last. After few minutes of undoing the flex cable and carefully prying the parts open, I managed to get into the speaker system and docking plug assembly. That was what I wanted to replace. I got the parts from and it was exact replacement part. So next time you needed any tiny parts for cellphone repair, try searching in Amazon. Read More......

Easy and Quick Clam Chowder

It's been snowin' for two days now since my girlfriend left tofor Toronto. I'm going to miss her a lot, I remember everytime cold weather like this we always go out for a bowl of clam chowder so here I decided to cook an Easy Clam Chowder , boy! do I miss her so much.

Here's the ingredients for Clam Chowder.

half an onion (chopped)
2 medium potatoes (diced)
1 can mushroom soup
1 can clam in water (minced)

2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 1/2 cup half n half or milk

To prepare:
Stir fry onion then potatoes first with vegetable oil. Add the mushroom soup and clam in water. Simmer until the potatoes are cooked then add the half n half or milk.Serve and Enjoy.. Read More......

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dad Said

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

My dad told me about when we moved and it’s made our lives so much easier. I think it’s great he’s so technologically advanced – my husband’s parents don’t know how to turn on their TV without help! Anyway, the kids are getting settled and I’m just about to feel good about the d├ęcor in the place so you know, it’s going to be a win win. I wasn’t sure if this move was the right thing for us at first because there are so many different options on the table but taking this job was just something I had to do. The offer was truly too good to pass up so now that I’ve started working I feel much better about it and I know we’re going to be really happy here. My wife is the only one having a tough time adjusting but that’s another reason I’m thankful for all our TV channels. She’s able to watch all her girly showsand relax just like she was back in Boston! Read More......

Valentines Day Should be a Holiday

Valentines Day is observed all over the world. Everyone knows even little children do crafts of heart to commemorate Valentines day, now I just wonder why it is not considered a Holiday. We see stores decorated with something red or pink and lots of hearts. Selling candies specially for the occasion of same pink or red color, the chocolate isle is loaded with different varieties of chocolates specially labeled for Valentines day, stuff toys are all over as you enter the store, kids make cards for mom and dad and for close friend. I know Canada has a family day a special day where they consider as holiday now United States should pick Valentines day "hearts day" as a family day. Not that I wanted another day off from work because I love my work and I enjoy every visit I make but there ought to be a special "family day" and I pick Valentines day for that. Read More......

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Save Money Buy Generic

Some products I may say I would not buy generic but some I have to admit are pretty good. I have some picks on some store brand over name brands. Like my soda's I never buy generic, I am so used to the name brand taste but stuffs like laundry liquid soap, I found that Costco Store brand "kirkland" are pretty good. I have know not all store brands are good but this I can live with. Some of Walmart store brand products are also very good like in their pharmacy I buy the store brand over name brands. It does not hurt to try them so next time pick one odd just to see the difference. Read More......

Tahiti Village Resort Review

As I mentioned in my earlier post that I visited Las Vegas last December. I had a great time with my mom and visited some friends over there. We did not stay right at the TRIP but instead we stayed at Tahiti Village Resort. It is a great place to stay and most of all there is no Casino at the Resort so it is more like a family oriented place. We enjoy the spacious room we had and very clean resort. We enjoyed time spending at the outdoor swimming pool which said online that is was heated but it actually pretty cold although the Lazy River was heated so we enjoy there more. They said there was wifi but my phone and netbook did not see any hotspot during our whole visit there although there was supplied ethernet cable suppose to use to get hooked to internet, we did not use.

It few minutes away from the STRIP and there is a resort bus that will take you directly to the Strip every 30 minutes. We are grateful for the free ride and they are right on time. Over all I highly recommended this Resort specially for travelers with kids. I am sure you will have fun and pleasant stay. Read More......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dreams in HD

This guest post from Lewis Beck

What is it with men and electronics? A child-like quality emerges the moment they enter the superstore and lay eyes on the gorgeous HD screens with CGI films playing on twenty screens. For some, there jaws even drop a little as if it seems to help them absorb it all. Mine was no different. We both knew this was the year we would upgrade to the 1080p HD of our dreams. We already had the stand mounted on the wall above the fireplace. It was simply going be gorgeous there and give me all sorts of freedom for furniture arranging, which is somewhat a passion at my house. With our new baby tucked in snug in the truck we rushed home with our new toy. While he broke into the box as if it was a bank vault full of money I got online and upgraded to the directv hd package. It’s a wonder we get anything done with this kind of entertainment at our fingertips! Although I admit, it is very very hard some days. Read More......

One Trip , More to Come with Mom

The day after Christmas, I took my Mom with my girlfriend from Canada to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. We decided to stay way from the strip although the resort we stayed in has a shuttle bus that took us to the STRIP. It was a great choice to stay away from the crowd when you wanted yet close enough to see the strip. It was the first time me and my Mom went to Las Vegas and she really enjoyed the trip. So she wanted us to do these kind of trips together in the future. She wanted to go to Calgary this April as her birtday treat.

I have always wanted to see Calgary so I guess we can meet my girlfriend over there. I am glad my Mom finally got out of her shell and started showing some interest travelling with me. I have invited her several times to travel with me but last Las Vegas trip was the first one she decided to come. Now she is already excited for our next trip. I am glad I was awarded the "time share" condo unit in Florida because now I can check in to resorts for less cost. Read More......