Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Should be a Holiday

Valentines Day is observed all over the world. Everyone knows even little children do crafts of heart to commemorate Valentines day, now I just wonder why it is not considered a Holiday. We see stores decorated with something red or pink and lots of hearts. Selling candies specially for the occasion of same pink or red color, the chocolate isle is loaded with different varieties of chocolates specially labeled for Valentines day, stuff toys are all over as you enter the store, kids make cards for mom and dad and for close friend. I know Canada has a family day a special day where they consider as holiday now United States should pick Valentines day "hearts day" as a family day. Not that I wanted another day off from work because I love my work and I enjoy every visit I make but there ought to be a special "family day" and I pick Valentines day for that.