Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fixing My Own Cellphone

I have done few repairs and DIY projects but trying to pry an IPHONE is new to me. I have tried to repair my old Motorola Razor and my used to be popular Tmobile Wing. I have tweaked and modified my phones but never tried Iphone. My first Iphone project was to jailbreak it then change the touchscreen on my Iphone 4. I thought after doing my Iphone 4 that it should be easier to mess with Iphone 3Gs but I was totally wrong. It has totally different type of screw to open the phone to start with and the touch screen is the first thing that came out. It was totally opposite compared to Iphone 4 where the touchscreen came last. After few minutes of undoing the flex cable and carefully prying the parts open, I managed to get into the speaker system and docking plug assembly. That was what I wanted to replace. I got the parts from and it was exact replacement part. So next time you needed any tiny parts for cellphone repair, try searching in Amazon.