Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Long Term Plan Finally Getting Started to Be a Reality

Since I bought my five bedroom place three years ago, I have this vision of starting my own adult care home. Not mainly to make money or have job but it is a commitment to something I enjoy doing. Financial difficulty and starting from zero was not easy. I have been trying to do my own renovation, home repairs to save cost. Caring for our older citizen is a very rewarding duty I do every day when I go to work. I have met several interesting people doing my job, visiting patients doing therapy and assisting them to get back on their own. There may be few of my patients that don't quite make it safe to stay home alone and I can see and hear their fear of having to go to a nursing home. Personally, not all nursing homes are bad, it's just that our local nursing home had negative feedbacks. I can understand how it would be, hearing through them the changes they have to make and the feeling of having to leave their home is scary. I may not replace their comfort living in their own home but I can definitely do a service like "of being home" and still manage to do more one on one care with my residents. I will be opening my home soon and I cannot wait to get started.