Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dreams in HD

This guest post from Lewis Beck

What is it with men and electronics? A child-like quality emerges the moment they enter the superstore and lay eyes on the gorgeous HD screens with CGI films playing on twenty screens. For some, there jaws even drop a little as if it seems to help them absorb it all. Mine was no different. We both knew this was the year we would upgrade to the 1080p HD of our dreams. We already had the stand mounted on the wall above the fireplace. It was simply going be gorgeous there and give me all sorts of freedom for furniture arranging, which is somewhat a passion at my house. With our new baby tucked in snug in the truck we rushed home with our new toy. While he broke into the box as if it was a bank vault full of money I got online and upgraded to the directv hd package. It’s a wonder we get anything done with this kind of entertainment at our fingertips! Although I admit, it is very very hard some days. Read More......

One Trip , More to Come with Mom

The day after Christmas, I took my Mom with my girlfriend from Canada to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. We decided to stay way from the strip although the resort we stayed in has a shuttle bus that took us to the STRIP. It was a great choice to stay away from the crowd when you wanted yet close enough to see the strip. It was the first time me and my Mom went to Las Vegas and she really enjoyed the trip. So she wanted us to do these kind of trips together in the future. She wanted to go to Calgary this April as her birtday treat.

I have always wanted to see Calgary so I guess we can meet my girlfriend over there. I am glad my Mom finally got out of her shell and started showing some interest travelling with me. I have invited her several times to travel with me but last Las Vegas trip was the first one she decided to come. Now she is already excited for our next trip. I am glad I was awarded the "time share" condo unit in Florida because now I can check in to resorts for less cost. Read More......